What can i wear with my Cape?

We are often asked “what can i wear with my Cape?”. Karen, who owns Grace and Dotty has some suggestions and ideas as to what to consider when buying a product.

Karen says : Many of our customers go through the process of considering what can i wear with my cape? and this is an important question. To start with, i would always question when and where you plan to wear the cape. Our capes are worn for many different reasons, some formal and some informal. For formal use i would always suggest wearing other items that are in keeping with the occasion. Our products like Aria and Vivienne are perfect for formal Occasions. However, most of our products do have a place for some formal or semi-formal occasions.

When we come down to Informal, the options for what to wear with my cape widen up.


We see many wearers using comfortable roll neck tops, shirts or lightweight knitwear. You need to consider how warm you need to be. If you are going to be indoors, i wouldn’t recommend knitwear and a Cape, you may find you get uncomfortably warm. It is important that you feel comfortable.

Trousers or Skirt

This is a really interesting one. Grace and Dotty will be launching our new range of Tweed Skirts in time for Christmas. However, most wearers tend to be wearing trousers at the moment, possibly because we don’t currently offer matching skirts. When it comes to legwear, Jeans tend to be the order of the day. Black, White and Navy are the most popular colours we see, although once again, this is a personal preference thing. Fortunately Capes are really versatile products, and this means that they can be worn with a wide array of other products.


We tend to see our Capes being worn with boots on the whole. Most Countryside Lovers tend to wear boots with our Capes, although this is not a pre-requisite, more a wear what you are comfortable in. When it comes to boots, i usually wear my Fairfax and Favor boots with my Cape. However, i also wear my Le Chameau’s or Dubarry’s , depending on when and where i am. Having said that, premium prices boots are not in everyones budget, so look out for other options when you are out and about. You can always find lookalike products without the price tag.

On Your Head

In reality you can have many options here, so we will consider 4 of them. Go alfresco, in other words don’t wear any headwear, you don’t always need to.

A good traditional piece of matching headwear is another option. A Tweed Cape may be perfectly complimented with a Tweed Cap.

A Fedora Hat is often the headwear item of choice. Fedora Hats come in many shapes, and are often worn with a ‘feather’. Grace and Dotty will be launching our Fedora Hat range on the 1st October 2022, watch this space.

Tweed and Faux-Fur headband were the popular choice around 3 years ago, however the demand for these dropped off. Despite this, we are now seeing a small demand return for these. We will be bringing back our new range of Tweed and Faux-Fur headbands in time for November.

I hope that this helps you when selecting your new Cape, you can always drop us a line if you need any help.