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At Grace and Dotty all of our products are made in Tweed Fabric UK sourced. Our products are designed, developed and made in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, England.

Grace and Dotty is all about the country look and feel. The product range is perfect for adding a touch of glamour for any occasion. Whether it be for a night out, a trip to the races, picking the kids up from school or even for walking the dog. Grace and Dotty Capes guarantee to turn heads.

Alongside our Tweed Fabric UK sourced, we also try to use components that are locally sourced too. All of our Capes are lined in soft touch high quality satin. Our top of the range Faux-Fur is certified as faux, we don’t like nasty hidden surprises.

Grace and Dotty are country girls. Grace is a modern young lady who loves to embrace the countryside. Her loyal sidekick is Dotty, a pretty black Labrador. They are often seen out and about with Errol (Dotty’s loving friend), walking in the country, or nipping out for lunch in a country pub. They all love the countryside and are the inspiration for the Grace and Dotty brand. Grace and Dotty was established in 2016, and is renowned for producing excellent well made items at an affordable price, coupled with fantastic customer service. We can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

We no longer sell our products to other retailers, we prefer to sell them directly to the customer. This allows us to offer the best possible pricing and service.