The Sale Rail

Welcome to the Sale Rail. Everybody loves a bargain, and we want to make our customers as happy as possible. We have recently been through a series of changes as to how we sell and market our products. As a result of this we want to reward those that really matter to us, our customers.

This has driven us towards making a decision that we will always have some of our products on the sale rail. The sale rail will usually contain products where we only have a few items left. We may also just slip in some of our regular priced items at a special price. You will need to keep your eyes open so you don’t miss these.

You will also steadily see some more changes over the next few months. We will continue to supply great products more efficiently, effectively but at a better price. Our products will still be made in Great Britain, they will still use our wonderful English or Scottish Tweed and our certified Faux-Fur.

Our plans on change will be announced on the 1st March and we are sure that these changes will be a positive step for us and our customers alike. Like all good businesses, we have reviewed where we have been and where we currently are. This has helped us develop a plan on how we are going to grow and develop going forward.

Please enjoy making the most of our sale rail, we hope that you find some products in their that suit you. Our seamstresses love making our products, and we often get great feedback from our customers on the superb quality.