York Feather Fascinator


Feather Fascinator

Individually Handmade
Alice band attachment
1 Size
Designed in Great Britain

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The Grace and Dotty York Feather Fascinator takes your headwear to the next level. Each product is individually handmade, and each one is individual, expect your fascinator to vary slightly from the one on the photograph, although your design will be just as stunning.

A feather fascinator is a delicate and elegant hair accessory typically worn on special occasions or events such as weddings, parties, horse racing, or formal gatherings. It exudes a sense of sophistication and adds a touch of glamour to your attire.

The York Feather Fascinator consists of various types and sizes of feathers, carefully arranged and attached to a base, made of mesh, felt, and a small metal Alice band. The feathers chosen for our fascinators are typically plumes, quills, or decorative plumes with varying textures, colours, and lengths, providing a captivating and eye-catching appearance.

Grace and Dotty Feather fascinators come in a wide array of styles, with most being a more elaborate and ornate creation. They can feature a cluster of feathers arranged in an artistic manner, they are designed to ensure that you turn heads.

Overall, a feather fascinator is a charming and fashionable accessory that elevates one’s look, offering a distinctive and sophisticated touch to any ensemble.

Grace and Dotty Fascinators, like the York Feather Fascinator, are all designed individually, each feather decoration differs slightly from every other on produced. We are able to make the decorations to match your outfit, however you need to contact us before placing an order, and have a picture of the outfit that you want us to match. We have a small number of our team that work exclusively on developing our feather decorations, they love what they do. Our feathers are obtained from birds through natural lossage, some of our feathers are expertly dyed to achieve some of the colours we require. As the feathers are natural, it makes the Fascinator rainproof.