Stratford Tweed Headband


Tweed and Faux Fur Headband

100% Pure New Wool Tweed
Exclusive Stratford Tweed
One Size
Made in Great Britain

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The Stratford Tweed Headband offers a sophisticated combination or our Signature Faux Fur and our exclusive Stratford Tweed.

The Stratford Tweed Headband comes in a olive base with a cranberry, mustard and aqua check with a light brown faux fur. The headband is able to self adjust to size. We have our own unique stretch system that is hidden by a Tweed retaining panel at the back.

Our Headbands are fully reversible, and offer an alternative full fur look instead of the Tweed and Faux Fur styling.

Our Stratford Tweed Headband range matches our Capes and Ponchos. They are great for wearing as an addition to your outfit, whether with your Cape or without. The Headbands look just as great as stand alone products when worn with Jeans and a Jacket.

As with our Tweed Capes and Ponchos, the headband is not waterproof. Should your headband get wet, please leave it to air dry. When it is completely dry, blow the Faux Fur with a COLD hairdryer on a low power, this will re-vitalise the faux fur and bring it back to life.

Designed, Developed and Made in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, England. Grace and Dotty pride themselves on the production of exciting high quality products at an affordable price. Our Faux Fur is certified as Faux, we simply don’t like hidden surprises.

Our Headband range is available in all of our regular mainstream Tweeds. These Tweeds are used in the majority of our best selling products.

From Eleanor in Navy Blue to Georgina in Forest Green, we have countryside convention. For something a little different we offer both Elena and Barbs too.