Handmade Ellis Feather Brooch


Handmade Ellis Feather Brooch

Natural Feathers
Individually Hand Made
One Size
Image is only for guidance


The Handmade Ellis Feather Brooch is the feather only part of the Ellis Fedora Hat with Feathers.

The Ellis Feather comes in a premium array of fine feathers. Using a beautiful combination of green, polka dot, turquoise and blue feathers, the Handmade Ellis Feather Brooch is a head turner.

Our feathers are primarily designed to be worn on a Fedora Hat, however there are many times that these beautiful designs can be used. From handbags, to clothing, to coats, to capes, the list is endless. Use you inspiration to strategically place them on your outfit to lift it and enhance your appearance.

Each feather is handmade, and individual. We use our picture as a guide, however we try not to make 2 feather sets in an identical style, making each one Exclusive. We are unable to make bespoke designs to your liking, but we can assure that your feather will be handcrafted with care and attention to detail.

Our Feathers Range of products replicate the feathers used in our Fedora with Feathers range, these Hats are one of our most popular products. The Handmade Ellis Feather Brooch can be found on our Ellis Hat.

The feathers that we used are all bi-product feathers. Our feathers are natural loss feathers, which are are obtained from an ethical source. Our shotgun cartridges are new and unused, and the pins attached to the back of the brooch are made in stainless steel.

When the feathers are used on a Fedora, or similar hat, they are usually positioned on the left hand side with the cartridge part of the feather facing the front of the hat. The feathers are usually positioned at around an angle of 45°. As the feathers are natural, they are waterproof, however if they do get dirty they should be gently wiped with a damp cloth.