PKR Racing Club

We are members of the PKR Racing club. The PKR Racing club was set up in 2019 by horse racing trainer Philip Kirby and his wife Pippa. The Club offers an inexpensive route to having an interest in racehorses, without the expense that a ‘shared’ ownership would bring. At the moment the club owns 3 horses, Billian, Martalindy and Green Oaks Top Cat (Molly). The racing colours or the PKR Racing Club match our Cara Cape. There are some great benefits of being a member in the racing club.


There are usually 2 open days a year, when you can visit the yard and see all of the horses. The horses will ofter run out on the gallops on the open days. Phil will often be at the open days, he is a really approachable (and knowledgable) guy. As a part of the membership, when the horses run you can enter a draw to go and see the horse run as an Owner. This is a great experience, you get to meet the jockey, go to the parade ring, and if the horse wins maybe enjoy a glass of fizz in the winning owners room. Unfortunately you do not receive a share of any prize money. However, for £85 per year (£150 for a couple), it offers great value. You also receive a few little extras upon joining. The prices mentioned are the new prices from July 2023.


We were at Wolverhampton Racecourse in February 2023, where Billian was running. Billian is a beautiful horse, looks great in the ring and even better on the course. On this occasion Madi Patzelt was on board, one of Green Oaks stables apprentices. Madi and Billian ran a great race, sadly losing by a very short head. There was a very enthusiastic group at the course from the PKR Racing Club. We spoke to one couple, who were absolutely delighted to have been there. The lady was talking about speaking to Phil about buying in to a full share of another horse, i think that the husband was a little more cautious.

Become A Member

Membership at the PRK Racing club can be taken at any time, however there are 2 intakes per year which offer best value. The best value intakes are on the 25th December and 1st July. There is a link to PKR Racing HERE