Girls Tweed And Faux-Fur Capes

Every young girl loves the thought of being just like her mum. Welcome to the world of mini me! Following many requests for Girls Sized Capes to be re-listed in our store, they are now back in stock.

Our Girls Capes are simply a scaled down version of our Ladies Capes. Available in 3 Sizes the Capes are designed to fit Girls aged between 2-4 Years, 5-8 Years and 9-12 Years. The Capes come packaged in the same way as the Adult Capes, ensuring that the younger recipients receive the same experience as the Adults.

We are proud of our heritage country clothing range. It has been designed, developed and made in the Vale of Belvoir. The Vale of Belvoir is nestled between Nottingham and Grantham in England. Our product ranges use components that are all sourced in the UK. The Tweed that we use is from England, Scotland or Ireland, usually from small family owned Mills. We use small Mills as we find that these businesses that really care about the fabrics that the produce. All of our other components are sourced from suppliers within 50 miles of our offices, we try to do our best for our carbon footprint.


Grace & Dotty is best known for our range of Capes. Our design team love developing new products, and they pride themselves on developing Tweed designs that excite our customers. Each month we try to change at least 1 product, and update at least 1 more. This helps keep the ranges fresh, making our designs current and sought after. Our Capes always have contrasting satin lining, this helps them flow on the body whilst being worn. The contrast lining also brings the Cape to life, offering an interesting design twist.