We, like everyone else are shocked and saddened by the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus and the effect it is having on everyone’s life.

As a small business we take our responsibilities very seriously and have taken steps to protect our customers and our staff from the COVID-19 virus. As of today we have taken steps to temporarily close our production unit and retail facility.

However, we understand the needs of our employees, and understand the fact that they still need to earn a living. In order to meet as many needs as possible we have enabled our machinists to be able to work away from our offices by allowing them the use of some of our industrial sewing machines at home. This will enable them to still be able to work, and not mix with others, but also care for their families where necessary.

Business Continuity

All of our orders will be collated, picked and packed by our management team, so staff do not need to come into our offices. Providing that our Tweed suppliers continue to send out our orders, and the Royal Mail and Couriers continue to make deliveries we will still be able to fulfil all of our orders to our customers. At present we are totally up to date with orders, and we plan to despatch orders with 48 hours of them being placed (we are currently shipping within 24 hours).

These are very un-precedented times and we appreciate all of the comments that our customers have been sharing with us. With us having such a dedicated, hard working and proud team, we are able to continue to design, develop and produce our products with very little disruption. We would like to thank our customers, both old and new for their support, and look forward to offering our best service to everyone now and in the future.