About Us

Grace and Dotty is a countrywear brand owned by GND Retail.

Our mission is “To Produce Great Products That Are Loved By Their Owners”. We believe in producing our products in house. As we produce our product range in our own factory, we are able to control our products, and more importantly our Quality. Our small team of seamstresses collectively have around 200 years of experience. All of our products are hand cut at the beginning of our production, and hand finished at the end. We use state of the art sewing machines.

GND Retail

We all come from a fashion, sports and apparel background. Our team have backgrounds in Design, Production, Sales and Marketing and have worked for some of the largest apparel brands in the world. We have an ethos of doing things differently. We are a small brand with a bit brand mentality. Striving to be the best in the market, we try to offer the best product, with the best quality at an affordable price.

Our seamstresses are almost like family, having worked for us for many years. We genuinely believe that the skill of commercial sewing is becoming a lost art. Because of this, we are always looking for ways to try to develop skills in this sector. We also do our very best to source our raw materials in Great Britain. This is great for the countries economy, but also better for our environmental footprint.

We hope that you love our products as much as our team love making them for you. Please feel free to Contact Us