Winter Dining Table

Have you noticed that once we get into September, the nights draw in, the BBQ goes into the Garage and we start to gravitate towards Sunday Lunches instead of alfresco dining? Sunday Lunch is of course an institution for us Brits. Whether it be Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Pork or something a little different or more indulgent, that vast majority of us love Sunday Lunch. However, we have to consider our winter dining table, to enhance that Sunday Lunch experience.

Sunday Lunch, whether it be with friends, family or a romantic occasion is a special time. We can sit in front of the TV or do informal dining. However, in a recent online survey, 84% of respondents said Sunday Lunch should be eaten at the table.

Grace and Dotty At Home

So, what do we do to enhance the winter dining table experience? At Grace and Dotty we launched our Grace and Dotty at Home range. We designed and developed a range of Tea Towels, Table Runners, Napkins, Placemats and Aprons with a lovely country twist. The range was based on some of our favourite animals that live in the countryside.

A great winter dining table needs a centre piece, a Table Runner makes a great centre piece of any table.

Dress this with matching Napkins and Placemats and you quickly have an affordable and stunning table for many occasions. The Grace and Dotty at Home range features Stags, Rabbits, Sheep, Pigs, Pheasants, Foxes, Otters and Ducks. However, having Pigs styled table furnishings with your Pork Lunch may be deemed as a little ‘harsh’.

Our Grace and Dotty At Home range does help make the winter dining table look great, the range is simple and affordable. Sunday lunch is a great experience, even for those of us who aren’t an experienced cook. Making the table look great simply enhances the experience.