Navy Waxed Cotton Regular Cape


Waxed Cotton Regular Cape

100% Waxed Cotton
Waxed Cotton Collar
Regular Length
Made in Great Britain

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The Navy Waxed Cotton Regular Cape is NEW and launched in Autumn 2021, a recent addition to our collection. The Capes have been designed, developed and made in the beautiful Vales of Belvoir, England. Produced in premium quality Waxed Cotton, the Cape comes with a matching Waxed Cotton Collar. All of our products are hand finished by our team of seamstresses with love and care. The lining on the Navy Waxed Cotton Cape is in Nightwatch Cotton Tartan.

The Navy Waxed Cotton Regular Cape is designed around our Tweed Collar Capes. The Cape is perfect for the wonderful British weather. The Waxed Cotton is weather proof, perfect for keeping you dry. The Waxed Cotton will crease and age with use, a natural characteristic of Waxed Cotton.

The Cape features a wrap around Waxed Cotton collar with a small side seam. The side seam lets the Cape to sit smoothly and flat on the neckline. The mitred corners and hidden stitch finishing show that the Cape is of the highest quality. Our Waxed Cotton is produced in England, by our supplier who makes Waxed Cotton for many well known brands.

Our Waxed Cotton Capes are perfect for many uses. Apart from being a quintessential piece of country attire, they can be used when riding horses or walking the Dog too. We do not recommend that the Waxed Cotton Capes are washed. If they become dirty, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will be perfect in most circumstances. If the Cape gets saturated with rain, hang it in a warm place in the house to dry, do not hang it over a radiator or in the airing cupboard.